Weather-intelligent solutions

customized with you and operated worldwide

According to UN figures, 70% of today’s global economy is weather sensitive. However the access to reliable weather and climate information remain very complicated despite the latest technologic progress.
In 2 out of 3 countries, this access is limited. The local National Met Services, very often lack ressources to provide efficiently, top quality information to their users.
Paradoxically, in other countries, economic actors and businesses can have free access to large amounts of data but face difficulties to synthesize it, and make the right decisions.
WeatherForce address these two different issues with an innovative approach : creating customized actionable weather-intelligent solutions operated worldwide.

Custom weather-intelligent solutions

for your activities worldwide

The solutions we co-create with our clients respond to a variety of objectives. By using weather intelligence, WeatherForce can meet needs related to sales, marketing or agricultural production


The agribusiness sector, weather-sensitive by nature, encompasses a wide variety of objectives ranging from the optimisation of resources to the planning of activities in the fields and the prediction of key dates according to phenological stages.


The availability of compelling weather data can be a major asset when it comes to supporting sales arguments, managing a network of distributors or identifying areas with high sales potential.

Agriculture and agro-industry

Let’s, discover how WeatherForce can help you, to anticipate weather trends, make a diagnosis of potential risk, manage your activities and support the agricultural producers.


How can weather help you manage your marketing operations and build customer loyalty by enriching the user experience ? Have a look to the services provided by Weather Force to help you take advantage of weather information?


Marketing and weather are closely linked. Indeed, understanding the weather-sensitivity of products can be useful in order to carry out geolocalized campaigns, optimise the ROI of marketing actions or improve customer experience

parametric insurance

By providing the most highly accurate local weather forecasts, WeatherForce helps you to pre-determine index that is correlated to your client’s losses ?

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A unique Weather Intelligence Platform

for predictive indicators tailored for your activities

The technical implementation of our solutions is based on our collaborative weather intelligence platform. It is where we store and process all the data necessary for the development of our customised solutions

Key advantages

WeatherForce guarantees you :


Innovation – We keep on monitoring in order to adapt and be able to guarantee innovative and more efficient solutions


Global coverage – We operate worldwide and more particularly in countries where access to weather information is limited


Expertise – We gather many skills in weather, IoT, data science, UX design, project management…


Support – We support our customers with a view towards continuous improvement and optimisation of our solutions

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