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Full Stack Developer

Full time – Toulouse, France

Senior Python Developer

Full time – Toulouse, France

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An environmental and social awareness

Climate change has been a reality for several years in many countries and is now becoming one in Europe.

WeatherForce’s mission is to help companies around the world adapt to climate change by improving their decision making.

Its differentiation from its competitors lies in its willingness not to deploy ground or space infrastructure to create new proprietary data. WeatherForce has chosen collaboration!

A lot of data already exists, so the company works with different partners, institutions, universities and laboratories around the world to leverage this existing data. We are also aware that our digital solutions necessarily have an environmental impact, and it is the challenge of our Tech & Science team to limit this impact.

Moreover, this awareness is shared daily, collectively and personally by the men and women of WeatherForce.

  • Recycling collection points installed on the premises,
  • Collection point for bio-waste to create energy thanks to Hector the Collector,
  • Encouraging the use of public transport, cycling and walking.

a quality of work every day

  • Onboarding organized throughout the first month to get to know the different jobs in the company + Buddie named to help with integration into the teams;
  • Great flexibility in terms of working hours to allow everyone to work at their own pace on the basis of 35 hours per week, the only requirement being the 10am-4pm period during which everyone is present;
  • Great flexibility of remote work;
  • Premises in the heart of Toulouse, close to subway lines, VĂ©lib’ station, bus stops, Matabiau train station 2 metro stations away.

an opening to the world

  • Multicultural team, WeatherForce welcomes employees of different nationalities with undifferentiated communication in French or English;
  • Possibility of 5 to 10 days missions abroad (not mandatory) to work with our local partners, train them, accompany them (Peru, Ivory Coast, Vietnam, …).

more advantages

  • Mutual insurance 100% covered for employees, their spouses and children with strong guarantees;
  • Participation in the company’s results;
  • Vacation bonus paid in June;
  • Mission allowances, application of the maximum amounts of the scales fixed by the URSSAF and the Ministry of Economy;
  • Afterworks and seminars on a regular basis + Team building during quarterly team meetings and seminars.
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