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Our weather intelligent solutions

When it comes to weather sensitivity …

… one of the first sectors that comes to mind is agriculture – and rightly so, as it is the third largest sector in the weather forecasting services market. However, weather also has a significant impact on various other sectors such as cosmetics, retail and healthcare.

That’s why at WeatherForce we tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of each economic sector and company. In addition, we also try to take into account specific needs within the same structure – which gives us the opportunity to collaborate with various profiles.

We work with crop managers who need to plan their activities throughout the season, as well as with sales managers who want to strengthen their sales pitch, and with marketing managers who want to improve the user experience of their customers.

Whatever the use case and the problem, finally the common denominator for all these situations is the weather intrinsic variability and its impact on economic activities.

A unique platform to make the most of the weather data

The technical implementation of our solutions is based on our collaborative weather intelligence platform which store and process all the data required to create powerful customized solutions. These solutions take the form of indicators, delivered to customers via different access modes: dashboard, API, mobile application…
At WeatherForce, it is not about providing raw weather data to our clients. Our added value lies in the capacity to transform and enhance this raw data into reliable and personalized indicators for better decision-making. All this work is possible thanks to our unique automatized data processing tasks pipeline.


The agribusiness sector, weather-sensitive by nature, encompasses a wide variety of objectives ranging from the optimisation of resources to the planning of activities in the fields and the prediction of key dates according to phenological stages.


The availability of compelling weather data can be a major asset when it comes to supporting sales arguments, managing a network of distributors or identifying areas with high sales potential.


Marketing and weather are closely linked. Indeed, understanding the weather-sensitivity of products can be useful in order to carry out geolocalized campaigns, optimise the ROI of marketing actions or improve customer experience

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