Custom weather services

to help your business performance

Our custom weather services

We create personalized weather and climate services anywhere worldwide.
Following services are available :

Web interface

  • Dashboard
  • Interactive maps: the weather conditions in specific geographical areas.
  • Forecast Graphs: showing potential Risks
  • Downloading data in several formats (CSV, XML, JSON)
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Mobile Application

  • Private-label weather apps
  • Observation data collected by users in the field
  • Threshold alerts
  • SMS alerting
  • Product advice based on weather forecast


  • Access to raw data and / or custom indicators
  • Information broadcasted in several formats (CSV, XML, JSON)
  • On demand retrieval of data or custom indicators
  • Integration into internal tools

A unique Platform for predictive indicators tailored for your activities

WeatherForce brings a “glocal” and personalized solution (global coverage and local impact) to the problems of international companies. We give you the right information, at the right time, delivered and understood by your end-users.
The services provided by WeatherForce result from in-house algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. We connect meteorological intelligence to your needs and create your personal decision-making indicators.

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