Custom weather services

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A unique Platform for predictive indicators tailored for your activities

WeatherForce brings a “glocal” and personalized solution (global coverage and local impact) to the problems of international companies. We give you the right information, at the right time, delivered and understood by your end-users.
The services provided by WeatherForce result from in-house algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. We connect meteorological intelligence to your needs and create your personal decision-making indicators.

Our custom weather services

We create personalized weather and climate services anywhere worldwide.
Following services are available :

Web interface

  • Visualisation as a dashboard
  • Data Types: Forecasting, History, and Observations
  • Interactive maps: the weather conditions in specific geographical areas.
  • Comparative and Forecast Graphs: Anticipating Potential Risks
  • Data export: to integrate data into your reports
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Mobile Application

  • Private-label weather app
  • Observation data collected by users on the field
  • Notifications sent when exceeding custom thresholds
  • Ability to send this alert by SMS.
  • Advise your customers to use the right product according to the weather


  • Simple and highly secure
  • Access to raw data and / or custom indicators
  • Various information broadcasted in several formats (CSV, XML, JSON)
  • On demand retrieve of your data and / or custom indicators
  • Integration into your internal tools for every location around the world

A co-creative approach : weather solutions to fit your needs and those of your audience

We implement a user centric approach, otherwise called UX Design.Our services are developed with our customers and/or their stakeholders. We go out in the field and work with a widespread network of local partners and institutions to define and address every requirement. We test as soon as possible a prototype of the service with a minimum of investment to ensure the best user uptake.

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Business Model

The price of our weather and climate services is composed by an upfront setup fee and an annual subscription. We offer two levels of service basic and premium according to your needs.

For more information on the WeatherBox platform

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