a monitoring tool adapted to your needs

The agricultural sector, weather-sensitive by nature, gathers very diverse issues.
At WeatherForce, we build indicators adapted to our clients’ business, regardless of their geographical location. Through a co-creation process and thanks to weather intelligence, we transform data into operational solutions to enable immediate decision-making.
In order to answer the problems of the agricultural sector, we have developed WiForCrop, a customized monitoring tool. The objective is to give access to climatic indicators to anticipate the best actions to be taken throughout the season.

WiForCrop is a web dashboard.

  • Centralize the most relevant info for your business on a single tool
  • Have access to several scales of visualization (global, parcel)
  • Make your tool evolve: indicators adapted to the phenological stages, to the season…
  • Customize the data visualization of your indicators
  • Integrate your station data

Key benefits

WeatherForce guarantees you :


Cost saving


Better yield


Ressource usage optimisation


Better environmental impact understanding

Our offers

WiForCrop is divided into three different offers depending on the customer demand complexity level and additional services.


A solution based on the customisation of agro-meteorological indicators that can be rapidly deployed

  • Up to 5 agro-meteo indicators
  • 1 crop
  • Daily weather
  • Forecast D+14
  • Historical climate data up to 5 years
  • 1km resolution
  • Access mode : Dashboard


A more complete solution that integrates data from your weather stations and allows you to view specific indicators (disease risk….) based on your weather algorithms.

  • Up to 5 agro-meteo indicators
  • Up to 3 specific indicators
  • 1 crop
  • Daily weather
  • Forecast D+14 and Hourly forecast
  • Historical climate data up to 10 years
  • Client’s weather station data
  • Downscaling
  • WeatherForce expert
  • Access mode : Dashboard


A solution that integrates your activity algorithms (weather and sector data) for effective agronomic indicators.

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