the decision-making tool adapted to your activity

The weather impacts sales in many sectors, from cosmetics to retail to biocontrol.
At WeatherForce, we build indicators adapted to our clients’ business, regardless of their geographical location. Through a co-creation process and thanks to weather intelligence, we transform data into operational solutions to enable immediate decision-making.
To answer your business issues, we have developed WiForSales, a personalized decision-making tool. The objective is to give access to climate indicators to boost and optimize your business performance.

WiForSales is a web dashboard.

  • Centralization of the most relevant information for your business
  • Data visualization of indicators via interactive maps and graphs
  • Insights sharing with your team and partners

Key benefits

WeatherForce guarantees you :


Revenue increase




Recommendation of referral


Stocks management

Our offers

WiForSales is divided into three different offers depending on the customer demand complexity level and additional services.


A solution based on standard weather parameters, rapidly deployable.

  • Up to 3 weather indicators
  • 1 product range
  • Daily Weather
  • 1 country
  • Forecast D+14
  • Resolution to 1 km
  • Access Mode: dashboard


A solution that integrates customized support and historical data for an ever more accurate analysis

  • Up to 5 weather indicators
  • 1 product range
  • 3 counties
  • Daily Weather
  • Forecast D+14
  • Historical data up to 5 years
  • Client’s weather algorithm
  • WF Expert
  • Access Mode: dashboard


A solution that combines weather and business data for increasingly conclusive activity indicators.

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