Bridging the weather divide

by developing sustainable weather ecosystems

reliable weather services to boost local development

Many countries face a persistent lack in local weather products and services. Local populations,institutions, businesses and global companies have no way of knowing what weather to expect, especially in agricultural sector. That’s why we’ve made this sector our priority. Indeed, in the face of climate change, producers can’t anticipate the potential risk for their activity and therefore protect their fields. Moreover, they do not have insurance to protect themselves.
To connect all these actors, WeatherForce implements a digital platform providing accurate local weather services in close cooperation and partnership with National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS). We sustains the local weather ecosystem

A unique weather collaborative platform

Our open platform is designed to allow businesses, institutions & corporations to create custom weather apps that help to:

Public Institutions

Institutions that need accurate weather data or predictive indicators to help them take informed decisions to protect local populations and infrastructures.

Research institutes

Research institutes / Universities that need a platform to easily access to data to create, modify and share their algorithms.


Start-ups that look for reliable data to create innovative digital weather and insurance services to help local populations cope with climate change

Private companies

Private companies that need custom weather services to improve their performance

We develop weather ecosystems

for sustainable development

Our WeatherForce platform is the missing connector: between private companies and institutions, global structures and local issues, meteorology and user needs.

A platform for every skills

The WeatherForce platform allows each actors to:


  • Scripts / Programs
  • Create data
  • Access to a full featured dev environment
  • Access to a consolidated climate data repository

… collaborate …

  • Learn with education material (existing API, demo app/dashboard)
  • UX Best practices
  • Share scripts
  • Exchange data

… and create services !

Weather ecosystems linked to the world

The WeatherForce platform connects not only local weather actors to each other but also to the rest of the world. Indeed, our platform is an open-source platform that has also been designed to allow collaborations between other weather ecosystems worldwide

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