sustainable development

through accurate weather forecasts

reliable weather services to boost local development

Many developing countries face a persistent lack in local weather products and services. Local populations, businesses and corporations have no way of knowing what weather to expect, even though large shares of developing economies are located in climate-sensitive sectors. WeatherForce provides highly accurate local weather forecasts in close cooperation and partnership with National Weather Services to help developing countries:

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protect local populations

& infrastructure

to lower the impact of climate on the economy.

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plan around

weather events

to increase profitability.

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informed decisions

on the best areas for economic development

The extra benefits of the WeatherForce approach

Better weather forecasts contribute to better agriculture and help eradicate hunger, increase crop yield and improve nutrition. Better weather forecasts also allow industries and governments to safeguard assets and stimulate productivity, leading to more stable economies. WeatherForce takes sustainable development even further.

Our WeatherBox platform is designed to allow businesses, institutions & corporations to create custom weather apps that help to:

Improve infrastructure for local populations

When we create our private label weather apps cater, we always meet with local test audiences to make sure we cover the very specific needs of local end-users. WeatherForce apps also guide local communities towards modern tools. In addition, they help improve local infrastructure by generating sustainable revenue for local and national institutions and telecom providers at every sale.

Increase profitability for businesses and corporations

WeatherForce weather apps are sector-based and can be customized to the needs of weather-sensitive companies and corporations. WeatherForce combines climate history, seasonal fluctuations and real-time weather data to provide relevant business analytics that help weather-sensitive industries optimize business processes and development.

Generate sustainable revenue for national weather services

National weather services in developing countries often have limited funding, which is why all WeatherForce apps are co-branded by the country’s national weather service at no cost to them. As a consequence, our WeatherBox platform allows them to generate extra revenue for future investments. The platform also provides an innovative, ready-to-use tool to increase collaboration between NMHS of different countries.

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