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Highly local weather forecasts for sustainable business

Economic growth is the most powerful instrument for reducing poverty and improving the quality of life in developing countries.
OECD Department For International Development.

local weather forecasts to reduce the unknown for businesses in developing countries

Developing countries represent a growing market interest, and many global industries have already set up local subsidiaries or plan to do so. However, many of these countries face a persistent lack in local weather products and services, and corporations have no way of knowing what the weather has in store for them. In addition, large shares of developing economies are located in climate-sensitive sectors that are increasingly impacted by climate change.

By providing highly accurate local weather forecasts in developing countries, WeatherForce helps local populations as well as international companies to:


Protect local staff and infrastructure.


Plan around weather events.


Make informed decisions on the best areas for further investment.


Help local businesses’ customers harness the weather and increase profitability.

Climate analysis to improve business processes in developing areas

Weather data

Weather data are widely available in industrialized countries, where they help guide business processes and development. The data are well calibrated, and operationally mature. In developing countries, weather-sensitive industries, such as the agro-industry and oil & gas companies, often face the challenge of finding weather data of a quality that is equivalent to that in industrialized countries to help them make informed decisions.
Moreover, subsidiaries in developing countries often have to adapt to local infrastructure and adjust their processes, which then become difficult to monitor for worldwide companies if supervisors don’t have access to the same metrics all over the world.

WeatherForce studies climate history, seasonal fluctuations and real-time weather data to efficiently feed business analytics for weather-sensitive industries.

The WeatherForce team in action:

user case

An international wholesale seed company decided to reduce year-end inventory in its balance sheet and contacted the WeatherForce team for more information on weather impact.

Our meteorologists and IT specialists gathered all relevant historical weather data and developed a customized weather tool to fit the company’s needs. The tool was designed to show the relationship between the company’s business performance and weather events over the past 30 years. These customized weather data were then integrated in the company’s production forecast tools for every location around the world, which helped decrease inventory by 10%.

a precision range of up to 1 km

highly local, highly accurate & only legitimate weather forecasts

WeatherForce works in close partnerships with National Meteorological Services to provide highly accurate and highly local weather forecasts. By international agreement, the NMHS is the sole authoritative voice for weather information. They provide invaluable insights in the country’s specific meteorology and high-risk areas. The WeatherForce team adds local data from private monitoring stations, when available, and uses their hi-tech know-how in small-scale climatological reanalysis (less than 20 km) to create forecasts with a precision range of up to 1 km.

Private-label weather apps for sustainable business

weather box custom weather forecasts sustainable development farmers, communities, cities, energy,

All this high-precision weather information is gathered in the WeatherBox weather platform, where it can be accessed via private label apps.

WeatherForce apps don’t simply allow businesses and local institutions to add their brand to weather information; they can be fully customized to fit the goals of your business and organization:

• Provide valuable weather information as an extra service to local populations.
• Promote your company and services to local customers and populations.
• Help your customers harness the weather to increase profitability.
• Optimize business processes.

Whatever your goal, the WeatherForce team makes sure your weather app fits your needs and those of your audience.

We go out in the field and work with a widespread network of local partners and institutions to define and address every requirement. Throughout the development process, we include interviews and meetings with carefully selected test audiences to check that all required information is included in a way that can be understood by all.

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