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Accurate weather forecasts to unlock local economies

WeatherForce’s highly accurate weather forecasts don’t only aim to alert local populations of upcoming weather disasters; they also unlock local economic development.
Better weather forecasts contribute to better agriculture and help eradicate hunger, increase crop yield and improve nutrition. Better weather forecasts also allow industries and governments to safeguard assets and stimulate productivity, leading to more stable economies. And these are just the obvious benefits.

Helping local populations cope with climate change

Many developing communities still rely on ancient practices to predict the weather and grow their crops. However, as climate change increasingly impacts developing countries, these traditional weather prediction techniques can no longer be depended upon. WeatherForce provides both highly accurate weather data as well as action guidelines to help farmers and local communities cope better with climate change.

The adverse impacts of climate change and extreme weather events are a severe threat to livelihoods, and hold back growth and sustainable development. […]Economic losses from extreme weather events are now in the range of $150–$200 billion annually, with an increasing share of damages located in rapidly growing urban areas in low and middle income countries.

Sustainable benefits for local institutions & private local players

Our private label weather apps cater to the needs of a wide range of communities, companies and organizations, but they also generate sustainable revenue for local and national institutions at every sale.

The main challenge of providing weather forecasts to developing communities lies in getting accurate information to the end-user. To guarantee that our data are sent and received properly, WeatherForce teams up with local telecom providers and private start-up platforms, which brings in local earnings.

For certified expertise in local weather forecasts, we work in close partnership with every country’s national weather service. National weather services in developing countries often have limited funding, which is why all WeatherForce apps are co-branded by the country’s national weather service at no cost to them.

This approach allows them to generate extra revenue for future investments.

To promote sustainability even further, the WeatherForce open-source weather platform has been specifically designed to allow collaborations between national weather services so they can exchange algorithms at no cost.

guiding local communities towards modern tools

Even though literacy is improving worldwide, many people in developing countries still can’t read or write. Our private label weather apps are developed in close collaboration with the local communities they’re destined for.

We like to keep an open mind, which is why we always meet up with our target groups. The WeatherForce team goes out in the field to select local test audiences while also gathering facts and figures on infrastructure and current practices. This approach brings us a wealth of information and allows us to adapt to the very specific needs of local users. WeatherForce aims to assist local communities by introducing modern tools that efficiently address their needs in a way that can be understood by all.

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