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National weather services for certified weather information

Effective forecasts & early warnings can make the difference between life and death.

By international agreement, national weather services are the government’s authoritative source of weather, climate and water information. They provide timely input to emergency managers, national and local administrations, local populations and critical economic sectors.

National weather services are generally referred to as National Meteorology and Hydrology Services (NMHS or NMS). They belong to the global network of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). According to the WMO, every national weather service constitutes the single authoritative voice on weather warnings within its country.

It is essential to reaffirm the vital importance of National Meteorological, Hydrometeorological and Hydrological Services in observing and understanding weather and climate and in providing meteorological, hydrological and related services in support of relevant national needs”, which should include:

  • Protection of life and property
  • Safeguarding the environment
  • Contributing to sustainable development
  • Promoting long-term observation and collection of meteorological, hydrological and climatological data, including related environmental data
  • Promotion of endogenous capacity-building
  • Meeting international commitments
  • Contributing to international cooperation

The challenges of national weather services in developing countries

In industrialized countries, NMHSs are equipped with the latest technology and staffed with experts in meteorology, IT and marketing to efficiently deliver increasingly precise forecasts, alerts and climate services to local populations. In developing countries, however, the situation is quite different:

It is usually well beyond the fiscal means of NHMSs in developing nations to acquire, locally or from abroad, the services or skills needed to install and maintain advanced observing technologies. This is particularly the case when the equipment is deployed in rural areas, well away from urban centers.
Non-traditional Approaches to Weather Observations in Developing Countries – International Finance Corporation – World Bank Group

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Sustainable weather services for all

Weathers apps to generate revenue for national weather services.

WeatherForce works in close partnerships with national weather services to get accurate, certified weather information to local populations in developing countries. NMHSs provide certified expertise and invaluable insights in a country’s meteorology and weather history. WeatherForce brings hi-tech weather tools that aim to create sustainable weather services for all parties involved. Our private label weather apps are always co-branded by the country’s national weather service at no cost to them.

Every sale generates extra NMHS revenue to finance future investments. WeatherForce apps can also be designed and branded by specific national weather services to help them:
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monitor specific climate issues in their country

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gain prominence

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increase their reach & audience in a sustainable, efficient way

A hi-tech weather platform for every NMHS

Our WeatherBox offers a highly secure weather platform that gathers all the data required for precision weather forecasts. When private companies and local institutions purchase the weather app, our technology splits up customer and NMHS data so that every party involved continues to hold sovereign rights to all the information they provide. The WeatherBox is an open-source platform that has also been specifically designed to allow collaborations between national weather services from different countries. This enables them to exchange algorithms at no cost and to create sustainable weather services in every location.

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