Weather consulting services for national weather services

sustainable weather services for all

WeatherForce custom weather apps help developing countries access highly local weather forecasts to safeguard populations and help businesses move forward.

But there’s more.

We also want to make sure these weather services remain accessible to all in a sustainable way. As a consequence, we closely work together with national weather services. This partnership doesn’t only help us create our custom weather apps; it’s designed to strengthen the fundamental role of national weather services in gathering their country’s meteorology and hydrology data and bringing them new resources with a cost recovery strategy.

A global network of NMHS experts

The Weatherforce team offers its experience in meteorology, hydrology, climate services, IT and marketing consulting services to NMHSs everywhere around the world.

Through their prior work for the Meteo France group, both our co-founders have built an extensive professional network. This enables us to provide efficient weather consulting services that include the latest technology and institutional evolutions in terms of meteorology, climate and hydrology.

earth and weather satellite

The challenges of NMHSs in developing countries

The National Meteorology and Hydrology Services (NMHS) of developing countries often lack sufficient means to bring their complete mission to a good end. They may need to expand their meteorological and hydrological network, adjust their observation tools or implement modern technology.

Expert meteorological consulting for sustainable solutions

We accompany national weather services and help them define clear action perimeters for NMHS projects, using a sustainable approach. Our experts intervene at every stage of your project.

We help you to:


  • Existing weather observation networks and information systems
  • Workflow for institutional restructurations according to best practices and technical possibilities
  • Human resources and capacity building possibilities
  • Internal and inter-institutional workflows and processes


  • Sustainable cost recovery strategies
  • Branding and marketing strategies for Public Weather Services and commercial markets
  • Specifications to set up national warning systems
  • Modernization projects and required budgets, technical feasibility and sustainability


  • Change management to set up fully functional weather services
  • Your project in an unbiased way with regard to executing parties
  • Workshops around weather-related themes
  • Services to local end-users for and on behalf of the NMHS
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