Hi-tech weather technology at its best

Here at WeatherForce, all weather data are gathered in our WeatherBox platform. WeatherBox is the hi-tech tool we use to:

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highly local weather information.

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weather data to fit the specific needs of local communities and businesses, international companies and national weather services.

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meteorological information anywhere, anytime.

The WeatherBox, secure weather technology for all

The WeatherBox is a hi-tech weather platform that gathers countless weather data from key meteorology players:

  • Global weather observation data from GTS
  • Digital weather prediction data from key actors in meteorology (NOAA, ECMWF, Meteo France)
  • Health and pollution information from Copernicus Air Monitoring Services
  • Satellite EUMETSAT value-added products such as MPE (Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate).

To cater to the needs of users in developing countries, all weather data are gathered in a cloud platform that is easily accessible via standard Internet connection. The information we provide is highly private and secure and can only be accessed by authorized users. All parties involved hold the sovereign rights to the information they provide:

  • NMHS services hold the rights to national weather forecasts and climate history
  • Companies, institutions and communities that provide business information to compare with weather data hold detain the rights to all the information they deliver.

Expert algorithms to combine weather data and user needs

We use built-in data science to leverage deep learning techniques and anticipate upcoming weather conditions that may affect agricultural and fishing communities or local and international businesses. WeatherBox comprises:


An on-demand computing platform that is designed to tackle several gigabytes of meteorological data at once. The platform enables local model computation and downscaling up to 1 km.


We integrate global data, satellite information and data from unconventional weather stations, including IoT, to compensate for the lack of terrestrial stations in remote locations. This approach enables us to create highly accurate weather models for every community.


A data science module that allows fine-grained data analysis, using algorithms that cater to the needs of specific users. The module is designed to integrate raw open-source data from every customer to customize the module to his specific needs. These data are completely private and used to develop our sector-based weather apps.

Efficient & versatile delivery of meteorological information to end-users

The WeatherBox uses an efficient API that allows data access. The API is also connected to major telecom companies as well as tier providers to ensure effective and timely delivery of meteorological information to end-users. The WeatherBox is designed to reduce the delivery time (TTM) of weather products and takes into account the constraints of end-users in developing countries. As some communities only have limited access to the Internet, we also include text messages for optimal service.

Special benefits for national weather services

To cater to the specific needs of national weather services, the WeatherBox platform allows NMHSs from different countries to work together and exchange data science algorithms to provide high added-value weather services. Historically, national weather services have always shared meteorological data. Weather doesn’t just stop at country borders and, as a consequence, collaboration is the norm. WeatherForce aims to push this collaboration even further by providing a collaborative platform in a technical environment that allows to share expertise and scientific efforts. This approach allows national weather services in developing countries to benefit from hi-tech analysis tools in order to provide relevant weather services to local communities.

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Data from global digital weather forecasting models issued by ECMWF and Météo-France.

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Expertise in local meteorology from the National Weather Service in terms of forecasting and alerts.

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WeatherForce adds its expertise to downscale the precision level from 50km to 1km and define adequate agricultural and meteorological indicators.

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24/7 secure mobile applications, SMS, web

National broadcasting relayed by local mobile operators

For more information on the WeatherBox platform

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