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Our Mission: To be the missing link

between private companies and institutions, between global and local issues, between meteorological data and users

Weather and climate change are important issues. Most people don’t have access to accurate weather predictions. This means they’re unable to plan around unforeseen weather events to organize their work, grow their business and, most importantly, prevent local disasters and save lives.

A co-creative approach : weather solutions to fit your needs and those of your audience

We implement a user centric approach, otherwise called UX Design.Our services are developed with our customers and/or their stakeholders. We go out in the field and work with a widespread network of local partners and institutions to define and address every requirement. We test as soon as possible a prototype of the service with a minimum of investment to ensure the best user uptake.

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Company History

WeatherForce has been created by Christine David and Pascal Venzac in August 2016, based on a common finding: it is not normal, given the technological progress, that there are still some blind spots in the world for weather and climate information.
Indeed, today, 70% of the world economy is dependent on meteorology according to the United Nations. And yet in 75% of the most vulnerable countries meteorologically there is no or little reliable, precise and effective information!
To break with this paradigm WeatherForce has developed a technically and economically innovative solution: The first collaborative platform for the generation of customized private-labelled weather and climate services to :



Local ecosystems with weather data to promote sustainable collaborative development



National Meteorological Institutes in most vulnerable countries to deliver highly local weather expertise



sustainable, high ROI and cost-effective solutions to provide reliable weather information anywhere



Customized end-to-end climate and weather applications for international private companies

Experts in meteorology, weather services and IT

Meet our core team

Pascal venzac expert meteorologist

Pascal Venzac


Pascal is an expert in B2B and B2C meteorology solutions. His vast expertise in working with national weather services and large industrial groups to develop, install and maintain meteorological information systems is at the center of our approach. Pascal obtained his meteorology degree from the ENM University School of Meteorology in Toulouse in 1996 and also holds an MBA from the Toulouse Business School. He started his career as the CTO of Meteo France International, and pursue his career as Marketing Director for Meteo France, the French national weather service. His work increasingly led him to co-operate with national weather services in developing countries, which sparked the idea to create WeatherForce. Pascal is also a consultant for the World Bank.

Christine David Weatherforce CEO

Christine David


Christine is our CEO. She acquired extensive experience in project management for weather services while working for Meteo France International. Her expertise includes managing multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, conducting weather site surveys as well as design, plan out and deliver high-quality meteorological solutions on sites all around the world. From project design to delivery, Christine knows how to get things done. Through her international experience with local companies and population she also developed skills in user experience design to create innovative digital products and services adapted to populations and their diversity. She has an MSc Degree in International Business from the Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, she competed a Harvard Professional Development Program in Design Thinking and a bachelor’s degree from the IAE School of Management in Montpellier, France.

Julien Soursou CTO weather app developer

Julien Soursou


Julien holds the keys to the WeatherForce platform, where you’ll find our custom weather apps and API. He closely works together with Pascal and Christine to design and deliver user-friendly weather solutions that perfectly fit end-user needs. Julien has extensive experience in information systems architecture in which timely processing large amount of data is crucial. Julien sharpened his CTO-skills during his work as Product Manager for the Public Weather Services software suite of Meteo France International and has also been the Technical Manager of major french companies including travel agency FRAM and congress organizer Europa Organisation. He holds a University Degree in Computer Science from the Institute of Technology in Toulouse, France and a Master degree in Innovation Management from Toulouse School of Management, France.

Meteorology and deep learning

In addition to our core team, WeatherForce also works with a very versatile team of IT engineers and specialists to create custom weather apps that fit all your specifications. Our specialized developers specifically work on precision modeling and on the integration of IOT data sources to calibrate local forecasts using big data and deep learning techniques

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